Week 1: Foundations of DE and the major schools of learning

My DE Definition:

The true definitoin of DE for me was a quality education easily accessed from the comfort of my workplace, bed, sofa or home office. Allowing me the option via technology to communicate in real time and through other online ways, whether its with 360 support from the Library for research; my Instructor via email, phone or online classroom; classmates, via phone, text, email or chat.

During conference discussions, we identified the three major schools of learning, based on the Ally readings:

o Behaviorist



o Cognitivist

o Constructivists

Based on the readings, I related most to the Cognitivist School of Learning, which Ally defines as “the memory, thinking, reflection, abstraction, motivation and metacognition” pg. 21.

In the discussion, I also discovered my truth in regards to DE and online learning. So my truth (thus far) within DE is that student motivation and instructor presentation makes a difference in how it’s received.


Ally, M. (2008). Foundations of educational theory for online learning. In T. Anderson (Ed.), The Theory and practice of online learning (2nd Ed.) pp. 15-49. Athabasca, CA: Athabasca University Press. Retrieved from

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