Welcome to my Journal!! This will serve as a reflective overview of lessons learned for my MDE (Master's Distance Education). Follow me as I learn and discover more about my passion for DE.

I am a mother of a beautiful 4 year old daughter. June 2011 I completed my MBA with UMUC and I am currently pursuing a Master's in Distance Education. Previously worked for UMUC with the Enrollment Management Team at the Adelphi location, where my love for distance education was born. I am currently employed by Verizon Wireless as a Sales Consultant until October 31st and on November 1st, I will begin my employment with Devery in Memphis TN.


My readings in this module have given me different perspective on DE. I found the various periods of DE especially interesting from its conception, correspondence education (independent study, era of industrialization; to the 70’s- 90’s, universities found better ways to communicate and instruct students, the innovation age; Digitised distance education, classes are delivered via online classrooms which are not interactive, reflective learning journals such a Wikia allows students like myself to document their learning experience and evolve with the societal changes of communication within DE. As a future DE manager, this module opened my eyes to the importance of understanding the basic theories of current DE technologies in order to effectively manage the future advancements of emerging technologies. I look forward to finding my better ways to implement technology.

This Module is very interesting to me because I'm reading the text and also having a discussion with the books author Otto Peters. Its not often in ones life that they are able to ask questions of someone considered a scholarly source in their field. I am struggling with posting questions that I feel are worthy of his response. My goal is to become for versed on the reading concepts, this should allow me to ask directed and meaningful questions. So before I even started to reading the required texts, I made sure I understood just what Pedagogy of Distance Education of DE meant. My instructor describes this as the study of the theory and practice of learning and teaching. As a student of DE, it is my responsibility to find the most effective way for me to learn and gain insight. What I've learned: One of the biggest advantages to DE is the ability to interact with other students in various parts of the world. Distance education is considered the most "industrialized form of education, based on the division of labor and mass production. My learner autonomy is based on how my instructor motivates me to participate based on how the create conference topics and project descriptions. Communication within DE is essential to success within the course and overall program of study Previously DE operated as an industrialized enity, behaving similar to the standard production of goods and services. Currently, DE still utilizies some of the concepts, but are currently in the postindustrilized area focusing on maintaining the quality of educational contect.while also keeping up with the technological advances.